Happy 2007

First post of the year! Woooooooo~ bet everyone still in bed coz last night had a crazy party till late! haha~ as for me i did a much lighter celebration.. In the morning head for the physical training with my fellow PTG’s and in the evening meetup with some other frenz for a heavy dinner at Tian Tian Huo Guo! waaa it’s so crowded lor~ 4 of us eat a total of $110++ haha crazy can.. Head home after that for countdown.. Well another year had pass, now let us begin on our 2007 journey =)

Horoscope for January 1, 2007
Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

All eyes will be on you today, but don’t succumb to stage fright — these eyes belong to very friendly, supportive people. It looks as though this is one of those critical points you’ve been waiting for (although you might not even have realized it). You may be called to the stage to make an acceptance speech; be sure to have something genuine prepared. Use your time in the limelight to make big things start happening.


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