i’m back!

Okie after so long, i’m back to blog again. Currently busy over school work as in the near 1 month time i’ll be graduating. Yesterday just had my Portfolio assessment. Wooo this assessment is like a nightmare to me… for the last 1 week i have been working on it over and over again, staying up late and even sleep over in the editing room. Oh not a really good experience thou. haha but with the accompany of frenz, it does bring some joy to it.

As for now. School still goes on.. and a couple of modules to be clear before we go into graduation show which is Fusion2007. where we will display our works, industrial and public are welcome to it..  Anyway let me introduce you to my new web, My Motion Gallery. As part of the assessment, we’ve to create a showreel site.


Other than sch stuff, I have lots to catch up with my upcoming musical. Yes i’ll be doing a UAN MUSICAL on 7th April. Is a High Sch like musical and tickets are going at $20 under my name =) Not sure how many of my frenz will make it but still i’ll do my best, it’s my first time doing theater act as compare to tv acting. There more to explore so hope to have your support =)

Alrite let me stop here coz I think my computer system need some brain wash as in Reformat. got infected by virus~ and it’sslowing down my process.



3 thoughts on “i’m back!

  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhh… you are graduating soon ler.. in a month time.. i still got about 1.5 months to 2 months to endure… sob sobz.. still have to suffer at the mercy of EVIL BOOKS and MERCILESS PROJECTS… keep in contact ok.. ok ok ok ok ok .. hehe

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