Happy New Year

Wow it’s been so long since i last update. New yrs sux. kinda boring actually.. haha but the best time will be those endless night hanging out with friendsss. KTV, KTV, Eat, Eat, Movie, Movie…. haha now that New yr mood is slowly vanishing and stress is slowing increasing. haha 2007 a not very good year for Ox. Mooooooo~~~

Well, just do my best and be concious on my decision. Good luck to everyone!!!

gong xi fa cai! haha


13 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. heya!
    bumped into you at tampines interchange after alighting bus 293 on monday. saw you on the bus again yesterday.
    you seem REALLY tall.

  2. err…
    I’ve just seen you a lot of times in 293 after my school ends.
    only noticed after a few times because I always see you sit at the back listening to music or something.

  3. lol.
    nah. cause my friend pointed out that you’re the guy from heartlanders.
    and you’re on my friendster list.
    So, yeah.

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