Haven’t update this Blog for so long! This period of time, had really gone through alot in my daily life. Of coz there good and bad, ups and downs. Glad i gone thru all this because i’ve seen more in life =)

a BIG Thank You to those who attended my Musical. back in 7th April. It was a success and without my dearest friends support and my fellow casts and the people behind this production, I guess i won’t pull it off that day =)

Had another Thailand trip with my other 2 friends. Andread and Yit Hann. Fall sick at the very first day. (what the…) but still enjoy the trip very much. A big relief of stress ba. Shopping shopping Eat Eat Eat… and also spend my birthday there. a brand new experience haha..


Setting off from Singapore BUDGET TERMINAL

In thai cab….

I and the 2 SAME SAME brother.

in chinatown…

after breakfast, yawn!

writing my journal =x



back in singapore!

More interesting pics to be uploaded when i receive it haha…
Take care people…


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