Finally after 3 years of hardwork… we finally stand on stage to received this Diploma Cert. How much i’ve learnt through out this 3 yrs is say to be precious but what i cherish most is the bond and friendship i gained. Thanks DMD0406 & DFV0410 for being there!

And of coz to those lecturer that keep nagging on our assignments. U guys play the most important part in the SCH haha.

waiting to be seated…



My elder brother. He paid for my SCH FEES Hmmm….

From NASS to ITE then to NYP. Philip we made it HAHA!
okie, it’s time to start working!!!

Yaoguang! haha thanks for everything!

BROTHER! haha you’re so kind!

Lynette, one of the LS (Lao Sai) member!


high angle shot!

There’s missing ppls…

3 of us again…




LOOK how happy he is…

update again…


6 thoughts on “MY GRADUATION!

  1. Congrats to you finally you had finish your 3 years studies.
    Anyway, you look good in the BI YA LI FU.. hehehehe…

    ;D smile smile

  2. Thanks guys, actually how i wish WORDPRESS can insert TAGBOARD but i dunno how to go about? Who know??? anyway i should be enlisting soon this year…

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