back to Square!

Life is like a circle… everything goes about… There are many times in life that we can’t force to make things happen.. however, we can make a different to how the situation can be.

Living in this world is not a simple task. We born to be who we are but each of us have our own dream. fulfilling the dream is no longer as simple as it is. Not just about putting effort or try harder. it is to understand what you want and how badly you want.

My dream is complicated one becoz i have to deal with not just myself but the ppls around me as well. someone ever told me, it take 2 hands to clap. This sentence make me understand the meaning of teamwork or partnership. But till today im still doubting myself if I really understand! becoz whatever i witness now is not what i’m being taught. a communication that lead to misunderstanding…

does anyone know how to insert tagboard to wordpress?


One thought on “back to Square!

  1. Tagboard? Simple.

    The file you will need to play around with would be under …/wordpress/wp-content/themes/(your theme name)/sidebar.php

    Just subscribe to your fav Tagboard provider, get the code and paste it. Here’s part of the code I used on my blog. Do take note that


    may vary to the template u’re using. The title for my tagboard is ‘Chat’ but u may change it to anything else. You can prolly figure the rest out. Cheers!


    <?php get_links(‘-1’, ”, ”, ”, FALSE, ‘id’, FALSE, FALSE, -1, FALSE); ?>


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