Let’s HIT the Grand Final!

Remember that my previous post I said i’m participating in a Dance Competition. haha. yeah, my team got in to the Grand Final round! Frankly speaking, I’m really excited over it. Coz that’s my first competition! able to come so far is not about wining the status but knowing that in the process we been through ups and downs, tears and sweat just to get all the step right and neat. It’s a painful process to me personally… just look at my height and size plus the fact that i don’t dance since young. a million thanks to few people who has been pushing me hard and to my fellow team mate for not giving up on me haha… HUG!

Achieve this result i’m already very happy coz the effort does pay off. This competition also bring me out of the Box to see that, there’s so many other dance team that are super fantastic. Last time, I don’t see them becoz i’ve not step into their world but now is a different impression…

For those who would like to cheer for my Team…

WHEN 4 Aug Sat
TIME 1730hrs
TICKET $12 (usual rate is $15)

clubbing goes on after the competition, club rules apply!


3 thoughts on “Let’s HIT the Grand Final!

  1. wah lau eh! so you have been dancing??? geez. i better buck up and brush up on my dance skills more. hahaha. otherwise one day will lose to you already. hehe.

    good luck!! get champion ok!

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