Ok first of all i’m grateful to all my friends who attended and scream their life out of it! and to all ppls who send their msg in encouraging and supporting us. Yup we received 2 award that night. Most Popular Team and  the Champion of Pop Culture Dance Competition!

Everything seem so fast. still remember the first day where we just started our training. everyone got no ideas how we will come so far. Indeed true hardship, tears and sweat… we overcome as a TEAM and here we are the Proteges!

Check out the news on our performances 🙂

the Proteges in action!

awaiting for the RESULT!

Scream again…

Before the show . . .

Xinru and Xuanwei (Jie Jie)

Xuan and I

Ah Mei and Ah Shui (the casts of Wu Suo Nan Yang)

Ercong and Xinru

with Xinru

Xinru and Yithann

Erhmmm…? just SMILE!

They coming for the Cheque =X

Guang Philip Angelia

Angelia and Shiyun

Philip Guang Casey

with Shiyun



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