busy as usual….

I’ve been kind of busy, NOPE is real busy over my stuff. well at least my work load is getting lesses. COme to think of it, i’ve actually fully maximise my time while waiting for the enlistment letter =X

Past few week is loads of performance, the most happening is over at the MARINA BAY CHALLENGE 2007 where we (up to 30ppls) did an opening dance to welcome President of Singapore. I must say this my very first time having face to face with Mr S R Nathan =) indeed a great honour! To find our more check e new UAN – Performing Site where you can catch not just PICS but VIDEOs =)


Life is good so far, just need to handle the stress that come along with each challenge. Still doing filming, Recently just aired my part in Kinship =) Trying to record down but it seem like I have no time for TV =X  

CHEER, glad to see many familiar FACES =)

My friend recently just started a really cool e-online store…
CHECK IT OUT who knows? you might find accessories that you’ve been looking for…



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