CRaZy m0ments of MY GIRL

Been kind of bus y till i almost forgot about this Blog… It’s been really long since i last posted. Life had been fruitful and sure there many ups and downs moment. Miss all my friends, so sorry that I always couldn’t turn up on “gathering”. If i mange to squeeze out some time pls do ans my call! Hahaha =)

Recently watch this Korean Drama call “My Girl” didn’t expect i will stuck to it. In total the 3 Korean Drama i’m crazy with is “Endless Love”, “Full House” and this recent one “My Girl”. One think about Korean Drama is their Soundtrack (OST). You guys might this it sound normal but till you watch it then…………. you will know. haha. check out the clips i found in Youtube!!!

My Girl OST: Seo-reun Beon-jjeum

My Girl OST: Sang-eo-reul Sa-rang-han In-eo

My Girl OST: Never Say Goodbye


3 thoughts on “CRaZy m0ments of MY GIRL

  1. you might wanna watch “sad love story”.
    it’s soo sad i cried from episode 1 all the way till the end..
    and the ost of the show is soo emo. i like. haha

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