Great! My Long await NATIONAL SERVICE had finally arrrived! …. Pity me ba coz i actually forgotten my NAPFA result only valid for 1 year! So i have to book in early for 4weeks! Well, i have book my Napfa test slot and hopefully I can pass so that i dun have to book in a month early… Will I still get to enjoy my X’mas? hmm.. my hair! *bet Liling must be laughing now* hahaha

Watched Resident Evils recently. can’t exactly recall when was the last time i watch Resident Evils but still it was one of my favourite horror film =) I’m sure there will be follow up on Resident Evils…. oh well can’t wait for that day to arrive…. HALLOWEEN IS AROUND THE CORNER! but well nothing much to expect in SG… Hmmmm… I somehow can foresee that my next 2months is kind of packed. Just hope to find some laughter in my daily routine and make sure i lead my everyday to the fullest =)

Since graduation till now I have find ways to get myself SLACK but still i’m on a really busy track which I have responsible in keeping my momentum going… It’s tired i must admit but all this is building for a better ME in the long run!~

ANYWAY PEOPLES I will tried to enjoy my days left outside HAHAHAHA! CHEER FOR A BETTER TOMORROW!


5 thoughts on “COUNTDOWN!

  1. THX ar LILING -_-” haha jayson how are you??? yah finally my turn to go in and Yo Wynson u so nice lehhh =) *touch* anyone else want to bring me out and enjoy lolx

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