my life

Yesterday morning had my Last Min Napfa test. went to Toa Payoh Stadium. Woke up freaking early coz need my dad to send me there =X *shag* spend almost 2.5hrs over there for the test. My heart was pumping really fast coz Scare Fail ma… coz come to think of it, my last napfa test was like a year plus…

Total a 40+ peoples was there to took the test. Some were friendly some were really *dao*, Cool i mean haha i also quite dao la… Lucky me, Those station that i usually fail went borderline pass… my sit-ups and 2.4k run actually improved, coming in with 10:11~ End of the day I got myself a Silver which was Pass, a total of 20pts… 1 more point and i’ll get a Gold! ai ya PASS will do la =) Now just hope i will get my re-schedule of enlistment date soon…

Today went to attend my bro (Rowell) awards ceremony called, YourFilm.SG Awards Ceremony check out the 6 finalist from the web some of the work are pretty good and some are simply professional quality! check out the film Ninetine twenties and of coz give some support to my brother by viewing his group work called Singapore Bagus! =)

Recently things are not really smooth over my side. (can cry la) but still I lead my life and it’s my responsible to lead how I want my life to be. No Self-Pity or blaming… Is me who choose the result.. but no matter what I still love the things i’ve been doing since i’m young =)

This movie looks interesting. anyone watch already???


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