Things had been changing recently. I’m not sure how much as a person I’ve change but no matter izit good or bad i am still the guy I know for the past 22years. Met many new friends recently, life had been great i must say… More time for my family as well.

I moved out from this training ground and get myself some space of freedom. In this world, we can’t satisfied every one. your decision will only be agree by yourself, others comments doesn’t matter because you never know which is the right or wrong. I learnt to believe in my decision and stand firm on it yet i am just a thin line different from stubborn. It’s scary if you witness that you make the wrong move and how much effect it’s gonna cause on you but agin you never know till you try it.

Since young i used to judge by my feeling… even now i’m still doing so… Is that a bad habit? I asked myself many times but again I can’t really answer myself… haha. My enlistment had changed to 12 Jan 2008, it’s gonna be a Saturday. Hmm… There suppose to be a plan before i enlist… that is to celebrate with a group of my friends but recently i’m bomba with so many problem that I not sure if this mini gathering will still goes on. Even if times make us drift…. I still believe in Friendship that Last. =)

Are You my Friend? If you are, thank you.

Recently got very Stuck to Facebook! WWW.FACEBOOK.COM *add me if you are in it =)

Saw4 is Coming Soon! WOOOHoooooooo~ Check out the trailer!!!!

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One thought on “12jan2008

  1. 世界在变。你有没有变,我不太清楚。希望没有。也许有些事需要多一点时间才能冲淡一切。你的每一个决定都会带来后果,也会影响到身边的人。的确是很难做出一个能让每个人和你自己都快乐的决定。所以,我想,最重要的是你对你的决定有信心,要坚定。不要让自己有后悔的余地。也许在接下来的日子里,会有更多事会改变。但以朋友的立场,我仍然希望你会快乐。也许以后我们的路再也不会有交叉点,但我相信我们各自还是会走得潇洒,走得灿烂,走得耀眼。

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