Family Portrait / Star Search’07

Sunday was a kinda exciting day. First of all my family had a photoshoot taking session. Haha.. that’s my parents first photoshoot after so long since their wedding and it’s also our first family shoot (as in those studio proooofessional one). They took 2set but i could only join them in the first half… As i need to rush for StarSearch. anyway, check out my MOM! haha she so cute la (the korean one) LOLxxxxxxxxxxx…………

blog1.jpg blog2.jpg

Arrggg… too bad i wasn’t around… Hmm… maybe should use photoshop and clone myself in. Oh man my younger bro look so dark and skinny haha… my elder bro 比较有福气样! Dad and Mom look so cute lah… Cannot stand it everytime i see this pic! =X

Rush over to Mediacorp and witness this year Star Search Final Round Live… Congrat to Andie and Jerry for making to the Champion and 1st Runner Up! Hmmm… the feeling of someone you know and won the champion is kind of New to me. haha.. sitting in the Audience Seat and witness the result being announce. Wow is like so unbelieveable anyway really happy for them! They must have put in so much Hardwork to be able to stand on this stage! Artiste Journey is a long and challenging one… it takes years and years to achieve recognition… Jia You =)

p.s: Chase for your Dream, Do it and Make it Real! 


3 thoughts on “Family Portrait / Star Search’07

  1. you look so different from your brothers! got all the good genes la hahaha.

    yeah i totally understand how you feel. although i don’t know andie personally but i was kinda happy that he won too! at least someone ive heard of and to know tt we were from the same org.

  2. Hi serene, haha yah i got all the good genes bet my 2 brothers must be cursing me =X haha deepavali have yet over but i’m already in X’mas mood!

  3. hey was bored and playing with the random botton of wordpress, the here i m, came to a interesting blog like this!!! i flip through some of your older post, and find your blog totally interesting!
    =) yutaki

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