JUICE 9th Anniversary Party

Step into Zouk last night with my friends.. It’s JUICE 9th Anniversary Party and my friend got the Tickets!!! Think this is the 3rd times visiting Zouk as you can see i seldom club! and of coz we are there to have fun + Free Flow. Drank abit hmm.. still dunno what’s my limit =Z

However, my frenz got a few shot hmm.. it taste like Apple Juice.. quite nice thou.. haha. Went in to Phuture for the 1st time (Laugh Out Loud) ya.. that place was kinda small and dunno why so many people all heading in. Squeeze laa~ but hey the music there was nice! =)

Catched SAW4 recently, hmm.. gross as usual but this time round story line was Ok~ seem like this Jigsaw plan is a never ending~ goes on and on… will look out for Saw5 becoz there wasn’t any proper closure!



3 thoughts on “JUICE 9th Anniversary Party

  1. Helloooo Gladys! haha coz i’m ain’t noticeable~ think we left around 1+am anyway i was in Phuture =)

    yah, havent see you for really long time. I’m good how abt you ? cheer

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