What have you done?

Decided to give my blog a new skin and also to give myself a new fresh look. Last night chat with a friend and he ask what’s my plan after NS. How many people are able to answer this Question? Well, if you are a well plan person i’m sure you have a list of TO DO THING planned after your NS and future. To me… hmmm.. i didn’t answer the question well becoz I’m not a well plan person!

Sunday afternoon, I sat in my room and happened to flip back some stuffs that was left hanging for really long times! VOICE the musical booklet, realise that there are so much I have missed… took my time and read through the book and scenes of  memories just flash back~ Have you ever tried commit yourself to a project/challenge where you make die hard efforts with a bunch of friends just to bring up the best to the people/audience? VOICE musical is the memories I will never forget…. although time passed and we no longer see the full force but what matter is the process we had gone through together…

Finish reading the booklet i tilt down and saw this really huge board that was hidden in a corner beside my chair. Pull it out and saw the message written all over behind the board. It was my Poly Graduation Show Work. Read thru all the messages again… wow it was like a total different feeling. Still remember the last day of the graduation show, I need to rush off for my training and couldn’t help my group in cleaning up out booth. I make my leave and passes my job to them. Oh man, maybe this Sorry came really really late but still Thanks DFV0410 for leaving such a great memory in my poly life~ And like what everyone wrote for me. I wish you guys the very best in your future career. Make us proud of You! =)


Just happen to browse by and click on this clip and I like it…


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