Flash / Pix / Taiwan

Desperately in need of inspiration. currently working on a Flash intro, hmm… anyone know of any cool web which I can browse for ideas! It’s been so long since I last touch Flash… there sure gonna be so much i need to recall.

Gather all my pics (not all la.. but majority, some pics was not even posted up before) and place it in Flickr. Although Flickr has been out for some time but yesterday was the first time i tried it out.. and the result was good. very user friendly 🙂

My Flickr

Anyone been to Taipei? What’s the place of interest there or any Must Go places which worth a visit… Going on a Holiday in early Jan and when I return back to town, 4days later will be my enlistment date. Wow so rewarding LOLxxx.

JUICE 9th Anniversary Pics by MKOP



7 thoughts on “Flash / Pix / Taiwan

  1. YUTAKI?? haha

    eh you changed your blog header AGAIN!!! NICE!!!

    flickr is the best man. i would have bought a pro account anytime 🙂

  2. hey!! haha.. fate huh.. keep bumping into u.. haha.. expected u to be botak.. still not yet!!!
    W-H-Y!!! ok.. next time again.. sure will catch u botak 1 day.. HAHA!

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