(Official Movie)

Caught this 3d yet not 3d film… initially thought it was a movie as in film. Hmmm… nowaday technology has improved so much that animation can also become so REAL~ I think they mix real actor and CG together during the editing…

I’m not really a animation lover, by right I wouldn’t want to watch an animation film, just some personal preference but animation always turn out good so far I’ve watched… especially the story plot! BEOWULF! a WOW animation, nearly 2hrs screen time… for a 3d animation is already consider long. thou some scene it looks fake but overall the effect and visual impact was COOL! Something good about animation is that we can see lots of different camera angles, some were even impossible to get it without the help of 3d!

BEOWULF said this… “don’t remember me as a king/hero but remember me as a human who will make mistake” (not the actual dialogue but something along the line) haha.. the story was touching enough to make me tears (almost~~~) anyway this movie reminds me of WarCraft Game! =P

rating: 3.5 / 5

From the writer & Director of”SAW”
(Official Movie)

Maybe i’m kind of outdated, but recently caught this film. Heard it was screen in Cinema but i dun recall leh… anyway if you are a Horror Freak you should check this out although it might be a little bit crappy but believe in the story and you will enjoy the movie!

Dead Silence – Mary Shaw’s Secrets

Director and Writer

whannell_wan0.jpgI always wonder who on earth will come out with this kind of insane ideas to shoot a horror film… haa.. this are the two guy! James Wan and Leigh Whannell. Whannell also played the role Adam in Saw and Saw3. Both came out with the ideas of Saw and work hand in hand to produce Saw1-4 and Dead Silence. I always see the role of Director and Writer as one becoz to get another partner to think alike as you is not easy. Great mind think alike… check out their profile…

James Wan Biography
Leigh Whannell Biography 

JAMES WAN Date of Birth: February 27, 1977
the young talent

james_wan0.jpgBorn in Malaysia, James Wan grew up in Australia. He knew by the age of 11 that he wanted to be a filmmaker and went on to receive his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne, then began making shorts and music videos. Wan met fellow aspiring filmmaker Leigh Whannell at school, and together they came up with an idea for a horror movie. Whannell wrote the screenplay, and Wan directed an eight-minute sample short on DVD for them to shop around for financing.

Producers at the US film company Evolution saw the DVD and were impressed. They liked Wan’s style and Whannell’s acting, and asked them to make the short into a full-length feature. The two flew to the States to cast and shoot the film, called Saw (2004), which stars Cary Elwes, Danny Glover and Whannell, as well as Shawnee Smith (on whom Wan has had a longtime crush). Wan and Whannell have since collaborated on a second screenplay — Dead Silence (2007), starring Donnie Wahlberg, who appeared in Saw II and Saw III.


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