Over the Rainbow

Bought another Korean Drama Series. This time round I’m watching “Over the Rainbow” although it’s just a drama series but to me it seem so real… because this industry is not that simple as what we seen, even thou what will you do to achieve your dream and happiness? Is really a lonely and challenging Journey~

Anyone want to recommend me any Korean Drama Series??? hee…


Over the Rainbow takes a behind- the scenes look at the exciting and dark side of entertainment business, filled with singer-wannabes. The drama follows four main characters, all at different levels in their careers as entertainers. Their passion, ambition and cut-throat attitudes set on the goal of “making it” intertwine with personal lives.

Well, every korean drama sure have it’s wonderful theme song =) Check out the below YouTube Clips …

Over the Rainbow OST

HwanHee – Tomorrow (Over the Rainbow)

池賢宇 – 獨眼魚


6 thoughts on “Over the Rainbow

  1. i can recommend full house, my girl, a love to kill, i’m sorry i love you, fantasy couple, delightful girl choon hyang, goong, i am sam (great dram with TOP from Bigbang)wonderful life and so on…

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