Brand New Day

Yesterday was a full and tiring day… but it was really a fruitful one. We were there early in the morning for our rehearsal well, it was a different experience to me coz my usual rehearsal will be either acting or dance. Runway Backstage was really exciting! We are running a Live Show and every second count. 

During the rehearsal I realize that I NEED TO CHANGE FASTER haha.. yah so i play cheat! Those shirt button that wont be seen I won’t spend time button it up so it save up some of my time! A total of 12 models, had a really good chat with them and most of them were well know models in this industry. We had more than 5hrs of break till our call up time. So all of us proceed to Starbuck and kill time. It’s like a sharing session conversation goes on and on, they are nice ppls and won’t mind sharing their experience =) of coz get to make many good friends there.

3pm Call up time… all head for hair & makeup and the show begin. We did 2 show one for Springfield the other for Cortefiel. For Springfield we had a more fun and funky style walk, we even chew gum while walking as for Cortefiel it was more sophisticated, formal style of walk.

What’s fun about modelling is the “changing” part. Yes the Backstage! Is messy, there tension and the time is moving! Upfront we are slow and steady but after the curtain we simply RUSH. Is to the extend that we had to undress immediately after we cross the curtain. Of coz there dresser to help us but we have to do our part if not we will screw up the show. Touchup of hair and makeup just before our turn…

The whole process was simply Fun and Exciting! Really thanks to Nixem for calling me up although this is my first show but Practical always come better than theory! Also would like to take this short period of time before i enlist to expose myself to different kind of areas in this entertainment industry. Get to know more people talk to people in this industry and learnt as much as i can =)

Thank you people for this Great day Great evening!
cheer =)


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