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Was surfing the apple site and saw some upcoming movie. UNTRACEABLE seem to be really interesting… guess by then i’m already enlisted. haha… have to wait till I book out then can catch it so, any nice friends out there willing to watch with me? lolx

Ayumi Hamasaki – Together When…

Ayumi is back with short hair… Knowing that this couple of year is some down period for Ayu and she has not been doing well but still wish her my very best and will continue to support her =) Heard from internet saying that ayumi was deaf in one ear. Not sure if this is true. but those who saw her Arena Tour Concert will agree that she’s good =)


11 thoughts on “recommended

  1. anyway since u told me when u enlisting, i think it is onli fair that i tell u mine. Though it wont make a different cos u dunno me. lol
    15 dec. hahaha… damn early la..

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