Happy 2007

3 more days to 2008, another year is drawing close. 2007 had been a really challenging one both good and bad, happy and sad. Well, every year we will face all kinds of situation and what really important is what we learnt and apply… whether I’ve acccomplish my goals or not, I will stay focus on my track and continue to bring excitement and achievement to my life and peoples around me.

I thank god for blessing my family as we stay healthy and happy thru out this ’07 =) Personally I’ve also made some progress in my little career…

Accepted my first action role in Kinship (手足), the few days of shoot had leave a great memorable experience in my acting journey. Pain and sweat were given but in return what i’m happy most is the guidance from director and stundman (Wu Zi) and this is my 2nd time acting DEAD! lolx… The first time was Heartlander back in 2005…

Live Again (天堂鸟) was one of my chinese drama which I was given a role with proper name (周天宇). ok that was kind of pai-sei to say but again I appreciate the chances given to me with pages of dialogue to say, not forget the days I stay in office to practice over and over the “lines”… =)

(我们的饭店) an upcoming chinese drama, spend numourous days filming this show and because of the long hours shoot, I get to see, witness and learnt things that I may miss out in other production I did. a different point of view to see a bigger picture. 😉

This year had a taste of TVC, just finish shooting this month. looking forward to see all parts and pieces joined together.. added another kind of experience to my database. =)

I’m on runway! again, this my first time on a professional fashion runway show. apart from the acting line, i get to try out the glamour side of fashion industry. I must say, it’s a whole new experience…
p.s: this fashion show were also feat. on yesterday NEW PAPER and today’s Lian He Zao Bao.

sp_a0951.jpgApart from the above, I also tried theater act (The Musical Box) in mid of this year. It was a nervous night as i’m playing one of the lead role but thanks to all my co-partners who help one another to pull off this musical….

another happy moments of 2007 and of course this little achievement is just my stepping stone to keep me moving and achieve for the better…

Not forgetting my 22nd Birthday celebration @ Thailand with Andreas and Yit Hann plus my Poly Graduation~  

Well I guess this is enough to put a good Closure for my 2007 and get myself prepared for serving the Nation on the coming Jan 2008! I’m not sure how’s the next 2 year will be like but i’m confident that it will be a good one.

Experience and Exposure gain will not go to waste… let me just put it aside for the moment, I believe when the times come, it will be useful ya =)

Ayumi Hamasaki HAPPY X’mas SHOW! on 23rd Dec ’07


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