Yesterday was crowded as usual, didn’t thought I’ll still end up in CITY HALL and squeezing in the crowd. Met up my clique and went for a Buffet dinner… Finally catch up with Yaoguang but too bad Casey was not in town, will make another arrangement just before i enlist! Is A Must! lolx.

Philip brought his cousin along and WOW their topic are all surrounded by ARMY&POLICE and e most important is all the terms they used I don’t understand at all. ^*%^#!%*#… Dinner was great with Shiyun as the only Female of the day HAHA!

Supposed to Countdown with them but they LAZY to be inside the crowd as the walk from City Hall to Esplanade was Terrible~ well so they head back to East instead and for me I have another clique to go to…. make my way to meet the guys and almost got stuck in halfway as all exit were block and phone can’t get through!!!  It’s 11.20+ just half hr more to Countdown (die!~), but thanks god someone came to my rescue HAHA.

We had a shortcut and finally found the rest and manage to catch the fireworks;) a total of 10 of us… think that’s my first time countdwn with such big no. it’s fun thou =D

Head to Airport and chill on e 1st day of 2008! Thanks guys!

Happy New Year everyone!


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