think this entry gonna be really long! so many photosss! Maybe it will take awhile to load but never the less ENJOY. Gonna ENLIST this Sat @8am! haha will try to take some memorable picture during my Army Days and post it up!

My Experience in SQ flight, it has been long since i last took SQ ever since BUDGET Airline came to the market LOL however, it’s still worth it… (一分钱一分货) at least I get to enjoy the entertainment on board! Managed to watch those movie i missed. haha…

After 4hrs of flight and nearly an hour of bus ride we finally reached 西门 where our hotel located 🙂

Their MRT… hey their train is really efficient and fast! one after another, is like you’ll never be late. so suit me coz i’m like always late =O

their train ticket…

Wu Fen Pu, the clothings wholesale place in Taipei. Just imagine Bugis Village but BIGGER than B.V. waaa~

this dog is so adorable, is real ok.

so still, maybe weather too cold so kena FREEZE lol

my 1st 夜市 near Wu Fen Pu.

11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg
14.jpg 151.jpg 17.jpg
21.jpg 225.jpg 22.jpg
16.jpg 18.jpg

caught Edison…..poster…

somehow have the feel of Japan.

this dog caught my attention! ahem.. more dogs coming up.

breakFAST @ McDonald’s

saw it? hahaha immediately snap a pic of it lol

Eslite Book Store, ehh imagine Kinokuniya but bigger version. we spend quite sometime in it coz there so many books to flip =X

can’t help so took a snap of it hee

oh there’s more…

陈冠希Edison Chen

Walk across the street and saw this… Dog’s Carnival?

New York New York @ Taipei City Hall (市政府)

台北101 – tallest building in Taiwan or Asia?


淡水 another happening area!

the sky turn dark @ ard 5+pm

kaoz so worth it lah


majority is food lor lol

Heard it used to be a Theater. Didn’t visit but it looks cool outside.

They said is very Famous a Must Try thingy.

yah i tried but ok lah dun really like… so push to my friend.


Look again…

I think it’s Cruel…

a day of shopping…

LOOK what i got?

This album was released on 4th jan’08 in Taiwan! lalalala~

Good Morning

caught this by accident when i woke up to visit e toilet… are you thinking that i’m so BoLiao to wait till sunrise! @_@

McDonald’s again…

七早八早吃 ice-cream =)

Rainie Yang

Jay Chou shop?

Black Vertical Shop

EAT all you CAN – Teabreak!

McFlurry in Chinese..

Oops.. focus the wrong side

err.. he look so small.

I followed this person for sometime before I managed to snap a slightly clearer pic… Cute huh!

this smell really good…

after 15mins of waiting… thx god it taste gooood!

My trip add on alittle culture… visited Zhong Zhen Ji Nian Tang which now had been changed to Zi You Guang Chang. This place is really HUGE. can hold National Day Parade here =X i’m amaze by their “building”

the Night View…

Taipei 101 @night

西门 areas…

their Party World is huge! took up the whole building about 8 to 10 storey.

dedicated toilet in every room.

their remote control!


home sweet home

that’s all folks~



6 thoughts on “TAIWAN/TAIPEI.2008

  1. I stayed in King Shi Hotel but i think it’s very near Rainbow coz i always saw it on my way back lol… and Marc i see that u visited HK haha that my next target… but well i’m going NS tomorrow so when i ORD baa…

  2. cool pics. hopin to go taiwan soon. All the best for your NS. haha.. wld like to c u in new hairstyle. =x say, blog will be updated in weeks later right? haha. take care!

  3. Just recently started following your blog and started reading all your posting.. Then now happened to see your taiwan’s photo… Nice photos taken… Kinda Makes me so excited.. Cos I will be going alone to Taiwan next month… For my first self get away trip.. Have not been there before… So Was wondering how will Taiwan be like… ^^ Lol..

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