two more days

Okie i’m back in town…. has been really busy since i’m back, have to unload my Taiwan stuff and reload the army stuff plus need to visit the army market and get some stuffs. It has been the best trip so far with eye opening scenery and GREAT food.

Maybe it’s their culture, i realised that the peoples over there is so much different as compare to SG. Although my chinese isn’t fabulous but I really enjoy talking and listening to them. Bought ayumi hamasaki from Taiwan hahaha i mean her album GUILTY lah. sooooo happy! Another thumb up to their Fashion Sense! wooooo~ clap clap~

I tears on PLANE

Not sure if this movie were shown in SG but happened to browse by this clip on Plane. It’s a highly emotional film towards the climax i really tears thx god the lights were dimmed and no air-crew were walking around =D The model turned actor, Daniel Henny also impressively shows some acting improvement. Not a bad film… 4/5 =)

I’ve LOTS of PICS to upload but need to settle some stuff today so most likely have to do it tonight….. arrggg… many things on hand that’s outstanding.. need to find a way to clear it asap anyway have to catch up with my friends soon “OH NO” do I have the time???? hahaha dead meat!

Dad just pass me a NOKIA 3210 大哥大 for me to bring in to army. ohhh man… I WILL MISS MY touch-screen SAMSUNG -_-”

Keep hearing this in taiwan and I think is not bad plus some great song recommended….

頭號粉絲 – 莫文蔚

周杰倫 – 陽光宅男

梁靜茹 – 生命不可承受的輕


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