2wks in TEKONG

It’s been a good 2 weeks! Tasted abit of Army Life… HATE the SUN but LOVE the WIND! Many things still have to get use to it! Reporting this sun and there so many things to prepare and DO before i book in. Next WEEK will be our FieldCamp, my personal NIGHTMARE coz it SUX lolx but like what Sergeant always said “Suck Thumb” I just have to do it… so Just Do It!

Need to catch my SLEEP now!


2 thoughts on “2wks in TEKONG

  1. i commented 4 mins after you post this entry!
    hope you getting well, army is tough in begining, after that, you would love it, even though i have not been there yet,
    well, update you on the movies,
    i watched AVP2, aint that good, action was nice, but storyline and the flow of the movie sucks, as for cloverfield, pro advice, watch the movie from a back side, or else, it could make you feel dizzy.
    27 dress…. not watch yet.

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