moving on~

So fast… 48hrs is up and i’m gonna book in later at 8pm. Was deciding between Cloverfield and 27dresses. coz i dun wan to waste my only weekend on a movie that’s not worth it… heard some negative feedback on Cloverfield so in e end catched 27dresses!


YESH it was a nice warm romance story! whole film was put up nicely, with the right cast as well as those supporting role. The production side was Fabulous. from music to graphic and art of photography! If u haven’t catch it then u should! lolx

FOR those who are looking for me and have been keep dialling and couldn’t get me. PLS leave me a message instead SMS not friendster msg coz I can’t use the phone during training and only can check it before i head to bed… norm ard 10- 10.30pm but the evil ppls there only gave us so so so short time to wash up and prepare the stuff for next day so if u are lucky i’ll reply ya msg, if not then you wait la… lolx

Next week will be my NIGHTMARE. 6DAYSof fieldcamp! SUX big time man!
gtg byebye

周杰倫 – Cai Hong/彩虹



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