book out lo~

a pics taken with Philip before i BOOK IN

Alrite, it’s CNY!!! finally i learn to appreciate CNY becoz i can book out!!! Last week was kind of miserable due to the fieldcamp. Have to say, that’s my longest outdoor fieldcamp ever. Training was alright except those punishment that cause by other people… why? becoz we train as a COY (company). Sense of URGENCY, I learnt that before but one men don’t make a different in army we have to build up the team spirit if not everyone will just be in push-up position waiting for one another.

FIELDCAMP a 6D5N stay in the forest. I’m sure all NSmen had tried staying in the field for days without clean water and proper toilet and all you realize is rushing to wait and waiting to rush till there no time for you to brush your teeth, no time to clean up and lastly sleep with your camou on. Trust me it sux big time and it feel really disgusted. not happy? then too bad this is ARMY lolx.

Well, no one likes fieldcamp… but it’s how the way I see it and accept it. Since there’s no turning back or cracking your head to Chao-geng… so you can excuse from all activities. Although we prayed for miracle but we came to a point realize that ARMY can make everything possible like DIGGING your trench during RAINING! Arrggg~ it SUX big time man haha…. All of us is digging with curse! come to think of it, it’s Funny!

Well guys, we still made it didn’t we? This is just the begining and i’m accepting the fact that I have my responsibility for the next 1yr10mths. Discipline in ARMY is always a issue! PR in ARMY is also an important skill becoz I’m not dealing with just my buddy nor section but platoon or even the whole company! Yesterday was appointed as IC of my platoon. Stress coz it takes not just confident and resposible but awareness of everyone in your platoon. Is a good thing I must say coz I get to learn since i’m lack of that! BMT Basic Military Training… do wrong then do wrong lor~ so be it as long as I learn! HAHA

finally get to see it. Magickoil co. are smart to use this as publicity 😉
i do miss my hair!

gong xi fa cai, everyone!


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