early BookOUT!

The PEAK of BMT period had almost come to an end. Cleared most of our important exercise/test… I wouldn’t say it’s fun but rather interesting in how SAF conduct their “exercise” haha… in less than 2weeks times i’m gonna say byebye to my fellow mates and commanders. To a certain extend, i’ll sure miss them coz it was said that BMT is the most enjoyable period in one journey of National Service.

We been through ups and downs, all the stupid punishment we did together and the “no pain no gain” moments hahaha… it’s gonna be so memorable. I won’t ask for much.. just have a group photo and keep in touch will do lalala~

Anyway we just completed our Live Firing… Took a whole bloody day to complete!!! wake up at 430am and ended the next morning at 2am! !$&*#%^$*? SIT there for hours~ SHOOT for 10mins~ I almost went nut… can’t complaint as well so suck thumb! We had night firing test as well but think i really suck at night dunno what i’m shooting haha but overall still pass “heng ahhh” LOLX

16km route march was another nightmare… feet was so numb, shoulder was aching, mind was in a blank, all i know is keep walking and never stop.. think my last 24km is gonna be a real hard kick to me.

haha let’s share some happy moments! as what my title describe.. i was RELEASED early today!!! Yaaaaahooooooo~ coz i finally get GOLD for my IPPT! ok maybe is not a big deal to you guys but it’s something to me coz this is my very first GOLD award!~ (dun laugh) I chiong very hard ok.. and my 2.4km timing is now 9m10s think that’s my best record ba… but our company got ppls who ran 8mins lor… like my friend in e same section as me who ran 8m55s “clap clap”

So in return for getting gold in IPPT we were rewarded by having early book out in the noon time while the rest will be booking out in the evening. although it’s just few hours different but TRUST me even 30mins i also want coz you won’t want to stay any longer in that Tekong Country Club! =O

POP 12032008 ORD 11112009

the BOTAK me


3 thoughts on “early BookOUT!

  1. it doesn’t seem too botak to me. my bro always say – once in the army, 50 years down the road, the common topic among guys is army life. seems to me you enjoyed yours. haha..

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