Days in OCS were busy, till i couldn’t find any times to update my blog…. Currently i’m in my bunkjust came back from Dinner not long ago. going to rest awhile and head for some running with friends. If you are thinking how come I’ve time to do my OTOT training that’s beacause i’m now posted to Air Wing under Air Defence Artillery. still located in OCS but will be moving out to Air Base during my Pro Term. another 2more months to kill in OCS before we can start our Practical and Weapons Handling.

As for now we have LOTS of theory to cover. This 2months service term is like a 90% theory and 10% practical. Is hard to stay awake honestly….

Last Sunday is our Family Visit day…. Is almost like my most happy moments in OCS so far. My whole family were here and my younger bro also bought me a Birthday Cake as tomoro i’ll turn 23! haaa spend in camp! sianz half!

Still exploring in Air Force dunno what to expect thou…. update again~ 


5 thoughts on “Overcome

  1. happy bird day to u Romeo!! 🙂

    jus saw it from the facebook! keke…lucky i din miss it!! keke…

    may u haf a great n enjoyable day ..keke…not one but everyday ya!! 🙂

  2. u blog from camp? not bad still got internet access. OCS 就是不一样。。。。

    ever think of signing on? seems like you kind of like the life. or maybe u don’t…

    take great care!

  3. Sign ON? you crazy ar… I’ve never thought of signing on coz this not my passion! juz treating it as a platform to gain more confident, leadership and interpersonal skills…. haha

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