Yeah one more night and i’ll be out to enjoy my weekend BREAK! This 3 weeks in SAFTI is really a big difference as compare to BMT no more spoon feeding, no more Chao Geng. From Land to Air (Army to Air Force) I saw the two side culture and the style they each adapt to train their men. Not saying who’s good or bad it’s simply two organisation.

Everyday filled with LECTURES and more LECTURES till i’m driving myself crazy cause I hate studying you see ( i have a lazy brain ) but no choice in order to pass this Service term I have to put in extra extra efforts to pass the 2 exams! STRESS! 

“Worry is like A Rocking Chair, It gives You Something to do But doesn’t Get you Anywhere” 
(saw this motivation poster right infront of my computer… hmm..)

Anyway my Air Wing was a mixture of Regular (sign-on) and NSF (like me) so somehow still felt that our bonding was too far apart. Everyone have their own clique. Unlike the times in Tango Wing where we all bond together although it’s just a short 2 weeks. Still miss everyone back in Tango…

Oh thank you to all who has send me their birthday regards whether izit thru SMSs or Friendster/Facebook or simply a call away…. thank you it really make my Wednesday a happy one although no one in the camp know that it’s my BIRTHDAY haha…

xie xie. 


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