Today had a Navigation exercise at bandai jungle. We are form ina team of 10 persons. spend my whole day in the jungle just to find the check point. We have a total of 2 check point to look for haha but our first check point we already went HOLLAND! can’t find lah. Walk round and round with full battle order (heavy sia)

However, after 3hrs of struggling we decided to call for help ehh… at least we have the determination to look for the only check point for 3hrs man… haha super sianz can.. but really if not because of all the support and encouragement we gave one another.. our team will have collasp long ago. Think that’s what we call team spirit. although it’s true that in every team we will sure hav ppls who are not coperating and often this ppls will lead to some tension among the team or worst ended up Quarrelling… but again it really depend on the kind of team mates u have that will help to say the right thing at the right time!

Is tire really but guess we all enjoy the process haha!!!





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