It feels soooo good to be sitting infront of your own computer HAHA. and yea i’m back HOME but falling abit Sick now. had a really bad running nose.

Today had my IPPT test again, haha and i manage to maintain my GOLD infact I improve in most of the stations. My 2.4KM this time hit 9.09s can said to be my best record time so far but able to run fast doesn’t mean you are combat fit so there’s still lot’s to work on… especially Mentally!!!

Currently in my Service term… all i can say is STRESS lah especially with all the lecture keep coming in. today had another Alien Lecture…. seriously dun understand what the Sir is toking about still teach us formular of a*v*p sound like some alien vs predator @_@”

Still got Leadership presentation and group project. didn’t know NS can also be like NUS!

Gotta rest now. tomoro have to start chionging the workssssss.



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