haha. had my breakfast and realise that i didn’t sign out my MSN last night =x guess all my frenz was shock to see me STILL online @ 1+AM. Last night we were given a Nights Out for those who achieve IPPT in gold however, I choose to sacrifice it and stay in to finish up my Book Review and revise for the coming exam on monday.

Although i completed my Book Review (Yaaaahooooo~) but i didnt have enough time for revision =x well have to buckup later… however still one assignment down, better than nothing! =)

Any nice MOVIEs recently? can update ME???? thanks ar. Later there some exchange programme from indo Air Force. Heard they are very very good in term of Discipline! we shall see @@ and Ohhhh the painful 5KM endurance Run is back again! the last one was only on monday now again!!!! sianz half… dunno if I still can hit my 21mins target.


One thought on “NIGHTs OUT!

  1. HI!
    very seldom guys will choose to stay in camp and rather not book out. Haha. If u like kungfu, the forbidden kingdom is a good catch. If you like funny movies, Harold and Kumar is the choice.

    Coming out next week: Speed racer(with korean singer rain acting inside) and IronMan is definitely a must watch.

    take good care! 😀

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