Some thoughts

It’s monday again! a week past and i’m back to my blog. Last week wasn’t really smooth.. guess that’s life and especially when you are in Army, your life is even more Sucky! haha…

Well this the first day of the week, i shouldnt bring back those unhappy moment. Live up and make my week a enjoyable one… end of the day it still start with me. Exam 2 is coming up next week and i’m only 30% done!!! Need to start mugging and manage my time well.

Some random thoughts…

Forgive & Forget” – this will make my life easier and a happy person to be…

YES, people are selfish by nature but that doesn’t mean i must be selfish too…

LEARN to see situation in another perspective… I might learn more…

There WILL be people who you dislike or simply he/she didn’t leave any good impression to you but bear in mind that its their CHOICE so LEAVE em ALONE!

Smile and look @ the BRIGHT side!


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