In awhile later we will be having out SEOC (SAFTI Endurance Obstacles Course) think that will be fun but one thing for sure is SHAG! later in the afternoon gonna have our first weapons in AirForce that is using of Pistol! Hmmmm…

This fri we will be doing our 12km route march BEFORE our bookout… this week is like Physical Week so many exercise… now my body is full of pain and ache! Didn’t get to study much for my exam2 cause too tire… So weekend will be another “lock @ home” week to mug all the books!

A little more to go! and we will be moving to Air Force Sch! haha at least is nearer to my house (in a way lah) cause it situated in Paya Lebar!!!! EASTIE ROX

arrr… GTG… endurance~~~~~~~~ endure!!!!


3 thoughts on “ShoutOut!

  1. Hey just want to check with you. Which software did you use to put all your photos together with such a nice design? Would appreciate it if you could share with me. Thank you!

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