ok i left about 7mins to blog my last few words… maybe it’s a learning point to the whole Wing! Today suppose to be good and smooth ok anyway I passed my LIVE FIRING with score 27 out of 30 =D haha… happy lah…

back to topic.. waa some stupid mistake tat our wing mate did and end up we had a sufferring night… usually we can be back @ bunk around 8+pm but today we reach bunk @ 10+pm! kena punish like hell… someone borrow thumbdrive from our sir and forgot to return… somemore leave it in the lecture hall for days then recall…. arrggg… Sir is so pissed that he make us standby BUNK! another big surprise Cause there will be people who’s bunk is not up to standard lah haha include mine lol…

so this monday we had to book in 3HRS EARLY!!!!!!! plus sunday i got Wing DUTY sianz…

Light’s OUT! GTG


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