live firing

today gonna be a busy one, live firing to be held in e afternoon and in a while time we’ll be having our techinical handling test! Oops… hope i still remember what they taught last week =X

Basically for this week we are almost 40%  done. Just alittle more to go and we can say to be finish clearing this Service Term. haha…

  1. Current Affairs Presentation
  2. Exam 2
  3. Course Project Presentation
  4. Beep test
  5. SEOC
  6. P226 Technical Handling Test and Introductory Shoot CLEARING TODAY!!!
  7. IPPT 2
  8. Course Photo Taking (you may want to ensure your No 3 Uniform is well ironed etc =)

jia you. gonna reward myself with a goooooood dinner plus a good movie! just in case U dunno, i always feel happy when i’m watching a movie! haha!!! Cinema ROX.


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