Happy Night~

Let me share with you my first Night’s Out experience. Dicided to take it this time as we’ve CLEARED all our Exam and Presentation in another word mean i’m DONE for this Service Term! Yaaahooo~

Out of the whole Wing we only have around 30+ out of 100 peoples who went out the rest decided to stay in camp.. at first was also thinking should i Go or not cause seem kind of troublesome plus most of my close friends are not going… but looking @ i’m stayiing in this weekend for duty I better treasure this Night’s Out haha anyway it was a fulfilling one we had movie and Xtra dinner @ KFC/MOS =)

Caught WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS! Oh this was a nice MOVIE.. funny, romantic and touching! However, the most funny is we (15men) went to watch romance movie together… haha sound weird right!!! we should be watching IRON MAN instead of VEGAS! lolx


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