long awaitng days…

Haven’t blog for sometimes cause dunno where to start. I guess it has been a pretty long awaiting days… I’m already stepping into the 4months in OCS and next week (which is tomoro onward) I’ll be moving to PRO TERM Air Force Sch all the way till November.

Some recap on what had happened…

  • Senior Bar Presentation
  • AFST Social Nite celebration @ theArena
  • Change of Command
  • Packup and set off to Air Force Sch

Guess this is the 3 most important things that happened. Stepping as Senior honestly I feel nothing it’s just another strip on my shoulder. Nothing to proud of but one thing is I can look forward to clearing level by level and in the end commission as a junior officer, lastly ORD haha…. (think too much liao)

AFST Social Nite, a something new to me. Is fun lah but I still prefer to hang out with my Kakis rather than in a club with free flow beer and alcohol =X brought Casey along as everyone had to bring a opposite sex partner =) Hope she enjoyed… stay cheerful always!!! she has been pretty troubled recently! hugs…

Change of command is where a higher ranking officer retire and pass down to the next officer to take over. Glad that we’ve a chance to witness this process during my Service Term and not forget our DY, LTC A. Tan who has treat us like his own son. =D Wish him have a happy life onward and may him stay healthy and fit always.

Yeah we brought our barang barang home… It’s hell heavy okie… and now my living room is in a mess, been pretty lazy and taking my own sweet time to clear it. now have to pack up and ready for tomoro bookin! New Environment, New Challenges. Stay focus Romeo…

LIFE has been good, just lack of some color. Happy and Sad both come and go. Learn something new everyday. Tears came awhile ago but i’m sure it’s for the better…

Something to be happy for once again. One of my good friend Rebecca is setting down for her marriage this coming June! *clap clap* I’m truly happy for you. Will be there for ya wedding!


2 thoughts on “long awaitng days…

  1. Hey, was surfing friendster and came across your blog. You’re one of the guys I performed with at Marina Bay Challenge or smth right? Haha. Congrats on the achievements! 🙂

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