i Had a great LAUGH!

“all you need is to BELIEVE in yourself”

Just came back from a late night movie! HAHA since when is the last time i had a great laugh? Kung fu Panda was awesome! it somehow brought me out of my stressful circle for a a couple hour =) Recommend this movie for those who are stress up like ME! heeeeee~ ok back to “Realistic” no more kung fu or watever shit~

Was home for the entire day and also get to chat alot in MSN. Catch up with friends who I “almost” lost touch but pardon me for never reply immediately or I simply didn’t reply at all… that’s because I need to shift my focus to the THICK book that was place right in front of me… Yesh, I’m mugging for this coming EXAM!!!

Ouch~ didn’t know that this officer journey is so tough in mentally wise. Honestly the only challenge is fighting with yourself, your discipline, your mind… how much i can go is really depend on me, not the training nor the lecture. Wow.. when is the last time I push myself that hard? Next week is a critical week… and yes it’s gonna be fun! @.@

06062008 a BIG day for this friend of mine, REBECCA! Congratulation!

Some picture taken on Rebecca’s Wedding! but… Where is Rebecca??? haha

they’re the Host for the day!

Still no sign of Rebecca??? haha =X

will go find her.. stay tune


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