This week wasn’t any good week… Trying my best to fight with the Z Monster during lecture as well as mind over body on the eXam paper… during one of the evening my friend told me one recruit pass away during a 2km walk in BMT and soon the next day rumors of Officer Cadet died in JST (Jungle Surviver Training), for a split moment I was thinking isn’t that from my batch?

I choose to believe maybe it’s just rumors or maybe it’s other people who also taking JST or even being selfish by hoping it’s not anyone i know…

Unfortunately i failed.. the late OCT Clifton Lam Jia Hao was the one we knew. when the news break by our major all of us was shock yet some couldn’t control but tears. It’s just less than 3 weeks since we apart from OCS Air Wing and now Clifton is leaving us…

All we can do is to give his family fullest support and also to pay our last respect this sunday while some of our guys will be performing some drills for “him” during his Military Funeral… whether you see it or now… this show is for you. Hope you find happiness over the other end.

you will always be remember…

.AFST 71/08


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