WEAPON phase!

This week pass somehow slow as usual… maybe because we book in a day more on Sunday morning to attend the military funeral.  Well,  had a ride on the landrover for our Vehicle commander exercise. a rather new and exciting experience! Spend our whole day traveling on the road and navigating our way to the check point. Also get to know more about our local route =) and not forget the 2 days being the Group 1 IC was really fulfilling however more confident is needed in making decision and being initiative as a leader to be.

Finally we were given our Weapons!!! It was somehow scary and excited when our Sir release the result because everyone has their dream weapon… as for me I’m just asking for Weapons that’s near my house haha… and that’s RBS because RBS is train in Paya Lebar Air Force Sch…

I’m Lucky i guess haha.. cause i got selected for RBS thou LOL!!! thanks god i’m not in some Lim Chu Kang Camp if not i sure will tears every night =X

Well, this also mean our training eh nooo.. is Tough Training has finally begin. Physically and mentally gotta get ready! Tomoro morning shall do some exercise huh.

Last week IT SHOW, went to grab a MacBook! New gadget to keep me entertain… but this mac is more for my brother sch use and i only can use it on weekend… Mac stuff is really state of the art!


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