In NS for almost 6months and there’s still lots of things I need to buck up. Although I know that going through failure will make you stronger in the future but still I need to learn and overcome it.

Currently split to our Weapon Phase and with smaller no. of ppls. everyone will require to take up more roles and appointment. In another word, more responsibility. Used to believe i’m not a very independent person before I enlist but ever since NS things had changed… maybe that the reason why peoples say that NS will change your thinking and attitude towards the things you see and do.

Recently just had my Live Range @ Nee Soon Camp. Which also reminded me of MDC which I attended their Audition. Sitting in the bus, looking out the window. I wonder how life would be if i ended up in MDC? haha… honestly i don’t know.. maybe juz some different ways of learning end of the day it still boils down to how much I absorb and maximise during the process.

Coming to Officer Course is a big challenge for someone who don’t dream big like me. haha i may sound very discouraging but I think it’s true that why I had to push myself more in every single day. I complaint and i self-pity when i don’t meet up the standard but most important thing is i haven’t give up. Someone told me that it doesn’t matter how Many Times you fall as long as you reach your destination! This sentence is not new to me but i’m glad that it reminded me to keep moving.

I made a promise to myself that I will stand on the commission parade square and make my parent proud of their son. It seem like everything I do there always a ultimate goal/motivation that drive me.. that is my parent =)


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