This week was a pretty good week! although not everytime things goes as plan but at least today we somehow make up the whole week! Yah, not forget that it was physically challenging week as well… after so long of SLACKING we finally start our SOC training and attended our 1st AFS Live Run @ East Coast Park. Also took our IPPT this morning!

Ouch, I almost LOST my GOLD all because of the SBJ… I know some of you might be thinking “huh? leg so long cannot jump meh?” oh well, maybe i’m belong to those long leg and cannot jump LOL. Arrrggg… at least after TRYING a few times I managed to get 234!!! (it’s the lowest for Gold) plus my 2.4km run remain @ 9:23s =) Haahaa I managed to SAVE my GOLD!

Oh i’m pretty forgetful as well! Was holding my previous bunk key for 4days!!! Still thought we loose it and make my friends search up and down the bunk =X hee sorry ar… lucky we didn’t report LOST lolxxx

Some really outdated pics below but still miss them alot! gonna see them this SUNDAY!!!! WE ARE GOING TO THE ZOO!

My 23rd Birthday celebration!

AFST Social Nitez w. CASEY!
meet up with Philip and Guang @ Clark Quay


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