Can I handle it?

It’s weird how things can happen. This week had a good kick start with a big news banging right at my face. I will be taking over my senior cadet wing commander role soon as in really SOON! (1Aug) If this is Air Wing i wouldn’t mind, maybe because of lower expectation? or the responsibility is not as demanding as Air Force Sch.

It can be a good news to train myself to prepare for the 2LT jobs… but as for now it always take a bigger steps to overcome the fear and demands from the higher ranking staff. Think I will need alot of booster and encouragement from my friends and fellow team mates in this Pro Term. Of course it’s not easy to incharge of so many weapons course in ADA Wing but I shall take this positively and learn as much as possible.

NERVOUS? yesh! of cos lah but what to do…? I can’t possibly hide at one corner and pray that everything went smoothly right? There will be times where i’ll stand infront of the trainees and give instructions. OMG.. Pls don’t mistaken that i’m “chionging” for what “SOH” (Sword of Honour)! Nooo i’m not all I want is to be a really Normal Soldier haa like majority i guess =)

From now onward I have to change my lazy and slacking attitude… no more waiting for things to happen I have to Lead by example if not the Sir is going to start NAGGING @ ME! ***faint Just hope i won’t turn out to be some asshole which was hated by many ppls. yucks

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