the MUMMY birthday

Caught this movie yesterday. Already forgotten the story line of prev mummy but still enjoyed the exciting story lines and effect. Isabella Leong is one of the cast playing “LIN” if you watched the taiwan movie SPIDER LILIES (CI QING) which she acted with Rainie Yang. Was surprised to see her in this film. I’m sure she will go far and fast in her career…

Michelle Yeoh & Isabella Leong

happy BIRTHDAY mummy
Book out on fri and immediately had a celebration with mom! Nothing special juz a birthday cake with a little present and joyful smile of whole family =) We bought her SK II although she don’t go for such expensive stuff but being her son, who don’t wish for their parent to stay healthy and gorgeous?

Booking in tonight, ouch another week juz pass so fast. Like wat I told my buddy, weekend is no longer that tempting to me unlike the past when we can’t wait to get out of the camp! Somehow lost abit of happiness… but again, i’m not alone coz i have a group of friends in camp who are going thru the same as i do. LOLX and to my buddy thx for the helps and encouragements u gave me. although the speech was still screw up abit (LOLx) but at least I completed it wahahaha…

Quite a heavy responsibilities…

Saw this quote on my senior slide…
“It’s our duty to maintain the discipline of our man, and it’s discipline that seperate us from the rest” Sometimes, only when u r in the position then you will understand the above quote… 🙂


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