Course Outing’1309

Fatsu” the AV Director

Our 2 Course Instructors =)

Finally we had a “almost” full strength outing coz some didn’t turn out. Had a international buffet lunch in one of the Shangri-la Hotel restaurant, the Line. The food was alright but money wise was kind of expensive. If not of all the discount we would be paying about $50/pax (roll eyes)

I am a buffet person coz i love to eat what i want BUT i always end up eating those cheap stuff (eg: satay, dessert?) so to calculate is not worth it to bring me along for buffet LOLX ..

Last evening also attended a autumn fest. party at my friend house. Had some really delicious snow skin mooncake. one of them is this dark chocolate & lotus filling. wooooooo~  not a very healthy week end  but again this week I’ve been working very hard, like the manpack and SOC test.

Break new timing for my personal SOC record, coming in at 7m02s. Happen to be the fastest among the cohord but this is just temporary cos there’s still one champion “Xavier” who haven’t take his SOC test yet and don’t be surprise that he can finish it within 6mins plus~!

think i grab my rifle in a wrong way =X

RBS rox!

the ex-Tango fellows

my bunk mates in basic phase~

the cat. “A”


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