Had a early lunch today, always wanted to blog in camp coz there’s so much to say whenever i’m in but due to time constraint i have to leave it all to weekend and by then all the urge of blablabla had went missing…

We’re say to be in our final stage of pro term. Can see that information is getting more and sometime i felt abit over loaded. All the past few weeks, we’are learning bits by bits and is quite messy but now with the summex coming up we have to fix everything back to see the overall picture.

Yes there will be sweat! we are going to stay out field for quite a no. of days so mentally have to get prepare. Army army army… nowadays my life is filled with army! Haven’t even get to see my kakis for so long! Hope they are doing good..

Received additional $200 for achieving Gold in my IPPT, that’s a really good source of motivation. lol~ at least this month I can give my parents more. It sure feels good when you have the ability to reduce some loads from your parents. Recently some payment issue that had been drag for “almost” a yr from this co. (shall not disclose much) has finally gave me some reply. is like so . . .

Some happy news! My elder bro is having his ROM this dec. =) dec seem to be a happening month for me lolx!


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