Movie Night

Caught 2 movies recently, a total of different genres =) So far most of the movies i watched worth the money. Mumma Mia is something like High School Musical cause it’s a musical turn movie and the best part is MERYL STREEP is one of the female lead. Her role in Devil wear Prada still leave a really deep impression in me haha… love that DEVIL PRADA movie!

Didn’t know Meryl Streep can sing so well, infact she sang most of the song in the Movie Soundtrack. One of my favourite is The Winner Takes It All, originally sang by ABBA which was back in the 70s & 80s. 

Extracted from Mamma Mia! the movie

acting first singing second

MIRRORS is quite frightening and some parts is pretty gore but still not as worse as SAW lolx. SAW is still the best! and yes SAW V is coming soon, check out the poster… This poster looks just perfect for this film, with the death of Jigsaw’s someone will continue his work and having that person to wear jigsaw’s face as a mask makes it even more creepy…

Official Trailer


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